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2014 was the year that I listened to the most new music in my life (Spotify + lesson planning a lot as a teacher) but have the fewest words to say about it. The music world seemed settled this year–bands content to build upon their successes with straight-forward, solid releases. Not an especially edgy year for […]

2010 in music was marked by a few things: *It was the year that Americans finally learned how to party like the rest of the world. That’s right… trance/dance beats and riffs have taken over pop music charts and every self-respecting party animal and nightlife layperson is better off because of it. Hell, even Enrique […]

Have you Heard?


Just recently, it came to my attention that I had been neglecting two of 2010’s best-reviewed and most conceptually-intriguing releases. So, I cruised on over to Grooveshark and set out to fix this. It’s refreshing to run into a 21st century problem with an easy solution. 1) The concept: a Swedish husband-wife duo record a double-disk […]