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Hello all! Here’s a narcissistic “coming soon” post. I hope you hate it. First of all, you’ll notice a new button on the sidebar, right under the link to our Facebook page. This weekend, we opened up the official CKTK Twitter account! You can follow us at @CKTKmusic. It’s kind of a stream-of-consciousness place where […]

When my friend Larry started his new blog, I went through a thought experiment. See, Larry is writing about one person every day who has influenced him – one person who has left “footprints” on his life, so to speak. So after reading his first few entries, I sat down and made a list of […]

If you’ve been following CKTK on Facebook (shameless plug ahoy), you would already know that TK and I have differing opinions on Joanna Newsom’s magnum opus Have One On Me. He eloquently stated his thoughts in the previous post, appropriately titled, “Less is More (or the Tale of an Artist-Insulting Curator)“. I began to write a […]

First, a note about the direction of CKTK. We will be posting our end-0f-the-decade thoughts soon. Also, our top albums of 2009 lists will drop in mid-to-late-December. To lead up to those, we will be posting our top ten albums of the year lists from 2005-2008, sans commentary. We will, of course, link to places […]