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Seeing as I was raised on a healthy diet of early-90’s Amy Grant (thank you, Mom), I feel like my entire childhood was preparing me for the year 2015 in music: The Year of Girl Pop. Pop music delivered by strong female leads has been very prevalent in mainstream music for decades. However, never have […]

She’s at it again. Friday’s release of the single “Born This Way,” along with the performance of the song at last night’s Grammy Awards, have signaled the next step in Lady Gaga’s inevitable evolution. She’s staken her claim as the biggest pop star in the game today, and she won’t be giving it up easily. What interests […]

A new series in which CK and Tk present album reviews that will take (depending upon your kindergarten teacher, guardian figures, genetic code, and personal history with words) about 20 seconds to read. This time, CK attempts to write a shorter post while taking on Kanye West and Deadmau5. Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark […]