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You’ve heard from Tk, now it’s time for my top ten albums of 2013. Over the past few years, our tastes have diverged in a yellow wood, and that has made all the difference. This year, our lists share a stunning zero albums – and not on purpose! I suppose you’ll have to head to Spotify […]

Can you choose the 5 albums that define your life? I have attempted to do just that. Bear in mind, these are not necessarily my 5 favorite albums (although a few are in the running). These are the albums that define different stages of my life through their personal impact or a just-the-right-album-at-the-right-time quality. Together, they […]

Here we go. Four simple categories, 41 albums, one amazing song. This is how CK’s year-end analysis begins. HONORABLE MENTION: Number 11 through 15 on my top ten list, in alphabetical order. These albums are given the same full review as the top ten (coming soon!). This year, you get a bonus 16th record! WORTH NOTICING: […]

Do you want to know my Top Ten of 2012? Not so fast! First, you must endure my Gangly Gathering of Not-Top-Tens. What exactly is a Gangly Gathering of Not-Top-Tens? Well, imagine a Top Ten. Think about how it looks… how it feels and tastes. A Gangly Gathering of Not-Top-Tens is the EXACT OPPOSITE of […]

The music industry is a battlefield. I realize that’s an easy metaphor to pull out of your back pocket, but it’s more true than ever. However, it’s no longer the sort of battlefield where two opposing armies walk toward each other until they are close enough to swing swords. No, this battlefield is the kind […]

During the weekend, I unexpectedly took a trip back to my 1999 TRL days via Papa Roach’s mega-hit, “Last Resort.” My friend and I sang along and pumped our fists to the driving beat. The sense of urgency and power of the melody still somehow affected us, even though we tend to disregard Papa Roach-esque […]

“What kind of music do you like?” “Everything.” That is just about how every music conversation amongst 20-somethings goes these days. If you really want to make people feel uncomfortable, ask them about their favorite band… Minds start visibly racing, teeth chattering… “Ah jeez, that’s tough.” How can you blame us for this pronounced refusal […]

Here it is, folks: My report on the first quarter of 2010. It’s been a solid year so far. This list is presented with minimal commentary; just know that you’ll see many of these records in my “Best of 2010” post nine months from now. But you don’t have to take my word for it… […]

Welcome back. It’s that time again; time for another list pored over by one of your two founding listmaniacs. We’ve spent so much time reading top album lists over the past decade, we needed to give back. What follows are my thoughts about the greatest albums of 2000-2009. I won’t be doing any decade analysis; […]

I pity the poor suckers who unleashed their “Albums of the Decade” lists before midnight on January 1st, 2010, because they ALL MISSED THIS ONE! This album (the one that I linked with pink ink before the exclamation point and after the word “they”) did MORE than just convert me to Epistemological Luddism–it also reminded […]