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Ten records. Four debuts. Three albums that could be soundtracks. One list. To listen to all ten of these albums, check out this Spotify playlist. 10. Highasakite – Silent Treatment A late entry into my top ten, I’ve been entranced by this Norwegian band since Tk first recommended them to me. This is decidedly the […]

One week ago today, I still had no idea what my #1 album of the year would be. There were just too many good releases to sort through. In fact, it wasn’t until a few days ago that I forced myself to finally, ultimately come to a decison based on the question: “Which of my […]

2010 in music was marked by a few things: *It was the year that Americans finally learned how to party like the rest of the world. That’s right… trance/dance beats and riffs have taken over pop music charts and every self-respecting party animal and nightlife layperson is better off because of it. Hell, even Enrique […]

The music industry is a battlefield. I realize that’s an easy metaphor to pull out of your back pocket, but it’s more true than ever. However, it’s no longer the sort of battlefield where two opposing armies walk toward each other until they are close enough to swing swords. No, this battlefield is the kind […]

Here we go again! It’s now officially halfway through the year 2010. TK is busy hiking the Pacific Coast Trail, so I’m holding down CKTK duties while he’s gone. During the first half of this year, we officially launched our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Check those out for more frequent updates. Also, I just launched […]

As the resident realist (ooh, band name) I will state rather matter-of-factly that the new decade in music is off to a thoroughly mediocre start. CK disagrees and you can read about it here. Need evidence? Well, for starters, Samantha Fox has yet to release an album. If you’ve been following this blog, you already […]

Here it is, folks: My report on the first quarter of 2010. It’s been a solid year so far. This list is presented with minimal commentary; just know that you’ll see many of these records in my “Best of 2010” post nine months from now. But you don’t have to take my word for it… […]

Once again, the following comments will make a lot more sense if you’ve read previous posts. I would recommend starting here and, once the headache has worn off, trying on these spectacles. And so the conversation continues… It seems that CK and I agree that Joanna Newsom is best enjoyed in smaller doses. However, our […]

If you’ve been following CKTK on Facebook (shameless plug ahoy), you would already know that TK and I have differing opinions on Joanna Newsom’s magnum opus Have One On Me. He eloquently stated his thoughts in the previous post, appropriately titled, “Less is More (or the Tale of an Artist-Insulting Curator)“. I began to write a […]

Let me start with a disclaimer about my musical beliefs: I believe an album is a singular piece of experiential art that should be taken as a whole. This is especially important when approaching musical releases as a critic but is also the approach that I find to be more rewarding as a consumer. Like […]