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Ten records. Four debuts. Three albums that could be soundtracks. One list. To listen to all ten of these albums, check out this Spotify playlist. 10. Highasakite – Silent Treatment A late entry into my top ten, I’ve been entranced by this Norwegian band since Tk first recommended them to me. This is decidedly the […]

When my friend Larry started his new blog, I went through a thought experiment. See, Larry is writing about one person every day who has influenced him – one person who has left “footprints” on his life, so to speak. So after reading his first few entries, I sat down and made a list of […]

Welcome back. It’s that time again; time for another list pored over by one of your two founding listmaniacs. We’ve spent so much time reading top album lists over the past decade, we needed to give back. What follows are my thoughts about the greatest albums of 2000-2009. I won’t be doing any decade analysis; […]