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Last year, when brother Ty asked me if I’d like to guest post for CKTK, I declined because, honestly, it would’ve been hard to come up with even a Top 5. This year, there were exactly 10 really memorable jazz albums for me. One thing I’ve noticed about the list this year is that it is […]

Well it’s that time of year for the very first time since last year at this time. To be less specific: it’s A time of year… again. Aren’t you excited? I sure amn’t. Yikes. What I mean to say is: TOP TEN ALBUM TIME, BITCHES. While not the most flashy year of music to date, I […]

You have been waiting for G-Ferb 2013’s best music picks successfully. You will not be ashamed. I have picked three themes for music this year. They are gold, Cheetos, and Nickelback. Song #1: Ecstasy of Gold Gold is the only thing that makes me happy. So does this song. I use this song for everything. […]

LET’S NOT FORGET… This is my first post on CKTK, so allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Dan, and I love Rock & Roll, Country, Blues, Bluegrass, and anything involving roots/americana music.  This entry will follow a different format than you may be used to (the most recent album I’m discussing was released in 1975), […]

#1) Miguel Zenon & Laurent Coq: Rayuela — An album based on a groundbreaking 1963 novel “Hopscotch” by Julio Cortazar, a book that I’ve learned is pivotal in Argentine literature, as well as in experimental literature in general. The book, from what I understand, is like a postmodern, experimental Choose-Your-Own Adventure with multiple endings, bebop-like […]

If you’re reading this post it means one of two things, either the Mayan prophecies were flat out wrong, or they simply didn’t anticipate that my contribution to CKTK’s Top 10-A-Palooza would save all mankind. As with any near-death experience, 2012 has moved us to reflect. We gaze deeply into ourselves… and by that I […]

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Just recently, it came to my attention that I had been neglecting two of 2010’s best-reviewed and most conceptually-intriguing releases. So, I cruised on over to Grooveshark and set out to fix this. It’s refreshing to run into a 21st century problem with an easy solution. 1) The concept: a Swedish husband-wife duo record a double-disk […]

First, a note about the direction of CKTK. We will be posting our end-0f-the-decade thoughts soon. Also, our top albums of 2009 lists will drop in mid-to-late-December. To lead up to those, we will be posting our top ten albums of the year lists from 2005-2008, sans commentary. We will, of course, link to places […]

tk weighs in: What is the most important band or artist of the decade? I pondered this question during my entire stroll down Gower Ave. from Sunset to Santa Monica (all 0.5 miles) and here’s what I came up with. These aren’t controversial choices but who needs controversy when there’s a possibility for accuracy? First […]