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Well it’s that time of year for the very first time since last year at this time. To be less specific: it’s A time of year… again. Aren’t you excited? I sure amn’t. Yikes. What I mean to say is: TOP TEN ALBUM TIME, BITCHES. While not the most flashy year of music to date, I […]

Thanks to the friendly beast known to many as “Spotify” (and known to me as “that friendly beast known to many as Spotify”), I listened to a lot of music in 2013. Hundreds of albums later, I am proud to present my 10 favorites below. My goal this year is simply to share some great music […]

I’ll be completely honest, most of the music I listened to in 2012 was not from 2012. I enjoyed a ton of great new (to me) music from past years, but when it came to constructing an end of year list, I drew a bit of a blank… However, after a great deal of investigating […]

If you’re reading this post it means one of two things, either the Mayan prophecies were flat out wrong, or they simply didn’t anticipate that my contribution to CKTK’s Top 10-A-Palooza would save all mankind. As with any near-death experience, 2012 has moved us to reflect. We gaze deeply into ourselves… and by that I […]

I love the number 10. I mean, think about it. It comes before 11 and after 9. It has both a 1 and a 0. It rhymes with ‘hen’ but doesn’t rhyme with ‘rooster.’ What’s not to like? The biggest reason I love the number 10, though, is that is always seems to attach itself […]

It’s the end of 2011 already? Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday I was listing the best of 2010, when in reality, it was closer to 366 days ago. Even though it’s only been a year since year-end list time, it has still been a year. So, just to refresh your […]

2011 was a year and it had music. To be precise, it was a year with music. To be even more precise, it was a year of music. And that music was witnessed by me: the witness. Yes, folks, I witnessed that holy crime of musical merriment and am here to offer my testimony. This is […]

The Fleet Foxes already dropped one of the best albums of the previous decade with their (take a deep breath) 2008 self-titled instant classic debut outing (that was a mouthful). On May 3rd, they will drop album #2, and if this song is any indication, expect more rustic-robust beauty from this Seattle troop. What do […]

A new series in which CK and Tk present album reviews that will take (depending upon your kindergarten teacher, guardian figures, genetic code, and personal history with words) about 20 seconds to read. This time, CK attempts to write a shorter post while taking on Kanye West and Deadmau5. Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark […]

Wanna know a secret? Okay, it’s not really a secret anymore because, by now, you’ve read the title, which isn’t entirely discreet. Here goes: Wilco’s uber-celebrated 2002 release Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is overrated. I’ve been trying to keep my mouth shut about this for a while now. It has been approximately 11 months since everyone and their […]