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Well it’s that time of year for the very first time since last year at this time. To be less specific: it’s A time of year… again. Aren’t you excited? I sure amn’t. Yikes. What I mean to say is: TOP TEN ALBUM TIME, BITCHES. While not the most flashy year of music to date, I […]

Greetings Music Lovers, It’s that time again, when I get the pleasure of summing up my favorite musical moments of the year.  I just wanted to take a moment to thank CKTK for letting me voice my opinions!  In this same moment I thought I would take the time to explain where I’m coming from.  […]

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Greetings fellow adventurers in the realms of organized sounds.  My name is Christopher Friesen (aka NuGaia), and I’m here to reveal my perspective on the most interesting releases of this year.  Before I start referring you to these alien artists, I would like to tell you a bit about myself.  I’m a twenty-something male out […]

I’ll be completely honest, most of the music I listened to in 2012 was not from 2012. I enjoyed a ton of great new (to me) music from past years, but when it came to constructing an end of year list, I drew a bit of a blank… However, after a great deal of investigating […]

If you’re reading this post it means one of two things, either the Mayan prophecies were flat out wrong, or they simply didn’t anticipate that my contribution to CKTK’s Top 10-A-Palooza would save all mankind. As with any near-death experience, 2012 has moved us to reflect. We gaze deeply into ourselves… and by that I […]