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This year, we’re turning over a new leaf. We’re combining the Quarterly Reports. CK and TK’s opinions, boiled down into one easy-to-digest list with a couple hundred tags. The only question left is: WILL IT BLEND? Favorites So Far: Albums that stand a distinct chance of being on one of our Top 10 lists at […]

Thank you to Carrie Brownstein of the blog Monitor Mix for this idea… Do you know what song topped the US charts on the day of your birth? You can found out here by simply plugging in the date. I was pleased to find that on May 18, 1986, Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All” […]

Once again, the following comments will make a lot more sense if you’ve read previous posts. I would recommend starting here and, once the headache has worn off, trying on these spectacles. And so the conversation continues… It seems that CK and I agree that Joanna Newsom is best enjoyed in smaller doses. However, our […]

If you’ve been following CKTK on Facebook (shameless plug ahoy), you would already know that TK and I have differing opinions on Joanna Newsom’s magnum opus Have One On Me. He eloquently stated his thoughts in the previous post, appropriately titled, “Less is More (or the Tale of an Artist-Insulting Curator)“. I began to write a […]

If you haven’t noticed already, it’s list season! There’s a great discussion brewing over at NPR Music, and it’s centered on this question: How do you make your year-end list? Since tk and I have been posting our past lists for you this week (and our 2009/2000s lists are coming soon), we thought we’d share […]

tk weighs in: What is the most important band or artist of the decade? I pondered this question during my entire stroll down Gower Ave. from Sunset to Santa Monica (all 0.5 miles) and here’s what I came up with. These aren’t controversial choices but who needs controversy when there’s a possibility for accuracy? First […]