Tk’s Top 20 Key & Peele Sketches



Beginning in 8th grade, I became interested in making sketch comedy. Danno and I made The Princess Power Hour, which featured a wide variety of our middle-school-minded sketches. I didn’t watch SNL or Mad TV at the time; my primary comedic inspiration was Leslie Nielsen slapstick movies, and it was just easier to make short sketches rather than one longer film. When I visited Marcus in Milton-Freewater, we worked hard on our sketch comedy project, The 10 Stupidest Things Ever Done. When we got to #1, we were out of funny (stupid) ideas, so it was just me looking at the camera and saying, “We couldn’t think of anything else, so goodbye.”

Later in high school, Shane and I would have conversations about how we have a distinct sense of humor that felt uniquely ours. We would watch comedy film and TV, but never saw something that seemed like an ideal comedy, tapped into our sense of what is funny. “Someday, we’ll find the perfect comedy, and it will be amazing,” I remember saying.

In November of 2015, during Shane’s visit to Los Angeles, he showed me a few Key & Peele sketches on the computer. I resisted (as I always do) watching a new TV show at first, but it was immediately apparent that they were on to something different–fresher, funnier, and exactly what I wanted in comedy. The moment of truth came when we queued up a regular TV episode… we were leaving behind the pre-approved viral hits and venturing into an everyday, commonplace episode. I was mesmerized at how consistent they were. Every sketch had something to offer, whether it was hilariously stupid, hilariously smart, peculiarly entertaining, or poignantly perceptive.

So, having found what I consider to be the peak of comedy in the 21st century and watching every existing episode, I now give you my 20 favorite Key & Peele sketches, in chronological order of when they first aired (followed by 10 Honorable Mentions). 


Tk’s Top 20 Key & Peele Sketches

Season 1, Episode 1: I Said Bitch (2012)


Season 1, Episode 5: Gay Marriage Legalized (2012)


Season 2, Episode 1: You Can Do Anything (2012)


Season 2, Episode 2: East/West College Bowl (2012)


Season 2, Episode 4: Bling Benzy & Da Struggle (2012)


Season 2, Episode 5: Wendell: Pizza Order (2012)


Season 2, Episode 10: Dueling Hats (2012)


Season 3, Episode 3: Proud Thug (2013)


Season 3, Episode 6: Insult Comic (2013)


Season 3: Episode 8: McCringleberry’s Excessive Celebration (2013)


Season 4, Episode 3: Put Your Hands Up (2014)

Season 4, Episode 4: French Restaurant (2014)

Season 4, Episode 6: Non-Scary Movie (2014)

Season 4, Episode 8: Consequences (2014)


Season 4, Episode 10: Teacher & Class Clown (2014)


Season 5, Episode 2: Turbulence (2015)


Season 5, Episode 5: Awkward Conversation (2015)


Season 5, Episode 11: Deez Nuts (2015)


[I couldn’t find these videos online but they are definitely worth seeing, too]

Season 3, Episode 2: Ratatouille (2013)

Season 4, Episode 5: Final Promises (2014)


Honorable Mention Sketches (21 – 30 in no particular order)

Season 2, Episode 2: Levi & Cedric: Where My Dookie Go? (2012)

Season 2, Episode 3: Valet Guys: What about Non-Stop, Though? (2012)


Season 2, Episode 8: Manly Tears (2012)


Season 2, Episode 8: One Hundred Thousand Dollars (2012)

Season 3, Episode 4: Nooice (2013)


Season 3, Episode 5: Cat Poster (2013)


Season 3, Episode 7: Continental Breakfast (2013)


Season 3, Episode 12: East/West Bowl 2 (2013)


Season 4, Episode 11: Loco Gangsters (2014)


Season 2, Episode 7: The Silent Killer (2012)







4 Responses to “Tk’s Top 20 Key & Peele Sketches”

  1. 1 Lara Ostapiej

    I love this! I actually just in the past few months got into this show on Hulu and I’m in love. For me, my favorite is Valet Guys. That one always gets me!!

    Miss you, tylerknox

    Love, LBo


  2. 2 tylersknox

    Thanks for taking a look, LBo! Valet Guys is pretty great.
    Miss you too!

  3. 3 Shane

    Some new discoveries here. I hadn’t seen French Restaurant or Put Your Hands Up. Very funny. I would add Obama – The College Years, A Capella, and Yo Mama Has Health Problems. Have you seen their movie?

    • 4 tylersknox

      Obama – The College Years almost made the cut. I love the way A Capella starts but it goes on a little long and I’m not too crazy about the ending! Yo Mama is hilarious, too!

      Yeah, Mo and I saw Keanu. Unfortunately, we didn’t dig it too much. Some great moments but, overall, it didn’t feel very inspired!

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