G-Ferb 2013: I want to live forever.

I'm proud of my new shirt.

Is my new shirt making you feel good yet?

You have been waiting for G-Ferb 2013’s best music picks successfully. You will not be ashamed. I have picked three themes for music this year. They are gold, Cheetos, and Nickelback.

Song #1: Ecstasy of Gold

Gold is the only thing that makes me happy. So does this song. I use this song for everything. Here are some samples.
-Labor parties
-Wearing turtle necks
-Garage sales

I listen to this song when I look for gold. It reminds me that looking for gold is fun and cool. Then I get ecstasy when I find the gold. Sometimes I pretend that Cheetos are gold only they are different because Cheetos

Song #2: Hot Cheetos and Takis

No song has ever made me feel about Cheetos like this one. When I look down into my soul and I find darkness this song restores that hot spicy feeling that only Cheetos are proud of.

Cheeto almost winners!

Holy crazy cow, a Canadian cooking show? For a special Canadian cheeto delicacy, check out this video at 2:00

These might be my grandchildren. I hope so because I am proud of them

Song #3: How You Remind Me, lullabye edition

Sometimes babies are cool. Sometimes babies are dumb. This years best song makes babies less dumb and more sleeply.  I have always wanted to dance without the judgement of awake babies.  Now this can be possible.


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