Tk’s Sasquatch Squawkin’ on Trends and Favorites


As you may have noticed last week, CK got tipsy on typing with his Sasquatch Saturday Recap. He will continue these frisky frollicks into the future, but for now, you’re stuck with Tk’s Sasquatch Squawkin’. This squawk session is extra special considering that I will be out of commission for a while after this post (I hope the Sierra Nevadas are ready!).

The real deal Sasquatch.

I will leave the band performance summaries to CK and focus my energies on fun-loving and yawn-inducing overview. Below you will find analysis of Sasquatch Fashion (both IN and OUT), Musical Trends, and a few categories of notable performances (including my Top 6 Performances list).

Sasquatch Fashion: IN

Old school jerseys – Lots of jerseys, mostly draped across the XY specimen, filled the Gorge Ampitheater grounds, but about 90% were dated. Only a few featured current star players on their current teams (“Whoa, look at that douche in the Kobe Bryant jersey”).

Native American / Feathers / Face paint – A lot of people looked kinda like this:

Yeah, kinda like this.

My theory is that they looked kinda like this because MGMT were one of the headliners. I could be wrong, though, because correlation doesn’t mean causation.

The hippie look – Does every youthful music festival after 1969 have to be a throwback to that one youthful music festival of 1969? No. But it’s bound to resurge intermittently, as it did at Sasquatch 2010 via tie-dye, bandanas, and some missing clothing items.

Animal hats – A few years ago, it was animal shirts and now it’s animal hats:

Wear it with pride, man.

Wayfarer shades – Those who can’t afford Ray Ban’s but wanted to look just a little bit like a cat lady chose Zoom shades instead.

Spandex and tights – Not complainin’.

Sasquatch Fashion: OUT

Earth tones – Bright colors ruled the weekend and those wearing earth tones were socially isolated and beaten (just kidding about the beaten part).

Irony – Goodbye, ironic clothing. Hello, sincere clothing.

Frizzy hair – As much as 80s fashion has fought its way back into cultural relevance, the frizz just can’t seem to capture our imaginations like it once did.

Musical Trends

The Communal Feel – Whether it’s the cultish vibe of Edward Sharpe, the “Boys-will-be-Boys” harmonies of Local Natives and Dr. Dog, or the “How many people can we fit on this stage?” energy of The Seattle Rock Orchestra, there was a feeling of community that surrounded many of the performances.

We are family, or something.

Tom drums – Crash cymbals aren’t that cool anymore, as evidenced by the trend of placing them almost too high to reach (I’ve heard that this practice promotes sparing use). However, I was intrigued to find that tom drums, particularly the floor tom, were the driving force in many of the songs heard at Sasquatch.

Different instruments – Maybe Arcade Fire started it with those blasted accordions. Whatever the reason, it seems that Sasquatch bands relished in getting away from the traditional guitar-bass-drums setup. Mandolins, all kinds of keyboards, bottles, whistles, woodwinds… you get the picture.

Little banter – Making big political statements is so 2006. And telling funny stories about what happened to the drummer the night before hasn’t been funny since 2002. The bands at Sasquatch 2010 mostly played music, which was kinda nice considering that they are musicians.

Tk’s Top 6 Performances (2 for each day of the festival)

1. LCD Soundsystem
2. Local Natives
3. Dr. Dog
4. Patrick Watson
5. The National
6. Phantogram

Patrick Watson was a Saturday afternoon treat.

Honorable Mention Performances

Dirty Projectors


Tallest Man on Earth
Kid Cudi

My Favorite Moments of the Weekend

Discovering A-Trak in the Rumpus Room and dancing to “Heads Will Roll”

The powerhouse harmonies during Local Natives’ performance of “Shape Shifter”

LCD Soundsystem’s build on “Yeah” with one too many choruses

LCD Soundsystem’s set-closing “All My Friends” with synchronized crowd movement and chanting (see video below)


6 Responses to “Tk’s Sasquatch Squawkin’ on Trends and Favorites”

  1. LCD was amazing, true, but did you miss Deadmau5??

  2. Redo from correct address: LCD was amazing, true, but did you miss Deadmau5??

  3. 3 tylersknox

    Yeah, I totally missed Deadmau5. Was it awesome?!!

  4. It was my favorite show for sure. We got to be three rows back in the center so that added to it. Sasquatch is amazing…I’m going to keep going until I’m too old.

  5. 5 tylersknox

    That looks great, Henry. I wish I would have caught him!

  6. 6 Lena

    tallest man on earth was incredible. the only thing that ruined it was the little fight in the audience. tallest man is like our generation’s bob dylan.

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