What’s next at CKTK


Hello all! Here’s a narcissistic “coming soon” post. I hope you hate it.

Are we overexposed? Not yet. We certainly aren't reclusive.

First of all, you’ll notice a new button on the sidebar, right under the link to our Facebook page. This weekend, we opened up the official CKTK Twitter account! You can follow us at @CKTKmusic. It’s kind of a stream-of-consciousness place where you can see our immediate thoughts about music that might not warrant a full blog post. We’ll also be posting a “song of today” every day and retweeting news from our favorite artists.

I (CK) just scored some tickets to the Sasquatch! music festival over Memorial Day weekend, so you can expect to see that coverage soon afterward (or possibly during, depending on how much I hate using the WordPress Android app). I’ll also be tweeting about it live at @CKTKmusic. The lineup is going to be RAD in all caps, so I’m pretty pumped about it.

Finally, we discussed the possibility of creating a CKTK podcast at one point. I still think it’s a good idea, but it stalled due to issues with time management. It’s crazy enough to try and do a good job running a blog during the school year; learning how to create podcasts became too time-consuming at that point. Since summer vacation is coming up soon, we may be able to cross paths in a physical location and put something together. If you like it, we’ll figure out how to keep it up.

That’s it! As always, thanks for reading CKTK. Here’s today’s “Song of Today” from @CKTKmusic; it’s “Burden of Tomorrow,” my favorite track from The Tallest Man On Earth’s stellar new record, “The Wild Hunt“.


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