Do People Have a “Favorite Band” Anymore?


“What kind of music do you like?”


That is just about how every music conversation amongst 20-somethings goes these days. If you really want to make people feel uncomfortable, ask them about their favorite band… Minds start visibly racing, teeth chattering… “Ah jeez, that’s tough.”

How can you blame us for this pronounced refusal to pick favorites? We have access to everything with the click of a mouse. You haven’t heard King Crimson?! Click— now you have. Meanwhile, we have 30 GB of music actually living on our computers and iPods for more in-depth exploration.

King Crimson: British prog-rock heavyweights

With access to every genre-spanning album under the sun, how can one fairly compare DJ Tiesto and Dizzy Gillespie? Frightened Rabbit and Fugazi?

For the past 6 years, I have considered Iceland’s Sigur Ros to be my favorite band. Only recently have I called this into question, in the wake of The Tallest Man on Earth‘s new masterful release The Wild Hunt (not to mention, Sigur Ros’ unsettling hiatus). The music on this album touches me in an indescribably personal way. It challenges, motivates, and reassures me.

Perhaps a favorite band or artist, in the instant-access internet age, is merely a temporary label stamped onto those who seem most relevant for the time being. The timeless, edgy-folk of The Tallest Man on Earth fits into my current life circumstances more than Sigur Ros. It has emerged as a more powerful and emotionally-resonant soundtrack than anything else. Thus, 6 years later, the King of Spain begins his reign.

Do YOU have a favorite band?


6 Responses to “Do People Have a “Favorite Band” Anymore?”

  1. From the Deal Breaker Tumblr –

    Dealbreaker: You listen to “everything”

    Just reminded me of it… haha

  2. Or you ask what kind of music people like and it is everything but _________.

    Though I do have a favorite band: Falling Up. Though sadly, they broke up in January.

  3. 3 Steve

    Yeah, you live in a different era than us 50-somethings. We had good access to lots of music – radio, TV, music stores – but there were some filters in place, some limitations. Now you have access to everything globally happening with music if it can get online. I think most of my generation, when we were in our 20’s, would have named a small handful of favorites if asked, “What’s your favorite band?”

  4. 4 Andrew

    Such an impossible question to answer I agree, i just go by what i’ve been listening to the most recently. At the moment Ola Podrida comes to mind even though i’ve yet to hear their newest album….

  5. 5 tylersknox

    Now streaming Ola Podrida…. had not heard of them, Andrew!

  6. 6 Jessica

    Dude, The Presidents Of The United States Of America.

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