What was the #1 song on your day of birth?


Thank you to Carrie Brownstein of the blog Monitor Mix for this idea…

Do you know what song topped the US charts on the day of your birth?
You can found out here by simply plugging in the date.

I was pleased to find that on May 18, 1986, Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All” stood atop the charts. Sure, the instrumentation is really corny but the lyrics are all about instilling a sense of worth in children and then being able to tap into that as an adult. I’ll take it!

Meanwhile, in the UK “The Chicken Song” by Spitting Image was the #1 track. This is absolutely ridiculous!

I’m a little jealous because my older brother’s song is “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins. Way to go, Shane!

Update: CK weighs in!

Alright. I was going to hold out on this one, but when I saw that my songs were stone-cold awesome, I had to barge in on the party. The number one song in the U.S. on September 3, 1985 was…

…0h yes. The one, the only, St. Elmo’s Fire. A true 1980s classic. And if that weren’t enough, one of my favorite artists collaborated with one of the greatest frontmen of all time to put together this cover song that shot to the top of the charts in the U.K:

Mick Jagger is completely over-the-top in that video (as usual, I suppose), and I’m fairly certain that David Bowie is in his pajamas. Just two pop/rock idols getting together to awkwardly dance in the street. God bless the 1980s.


8 Responses to “What was the #1 song on your day of birth?”

  1. June 4th 1991 the top charting song in the US was “More Than Words” by Extreme. Sigh I have always loved this song so its exciting to have this classic as the number one on the day I was born!

  2. 2 Isaac

    Huey Lewis and the News – Stuck With You
    Communards – Don’t Leave Me This Way

  3. 3 Colin

    Shout by Tears for Fears

  4. 4 Andrew

    dude, the band behind whitney houston in that video is absolutely sick!!!!! damn! awesome recording.

  5. 5 Robi

    Runaway by Del Shannon….Yes, this definitely shows my age!! Oh my gosh, the original on youtube is so funny-love it.

  6. 6 Steve

    Love Letters In The Sand, by Pat Boone. A sweet, simple love song. (Why do I feel so old?!)

  7. 7 Brandon Melton

    FAIL =[

    US- The Living Years – Mike And The Mechanics

    AWESOME! =]

    UK- Like A Prayer – Madonna

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