A Starch-Free Update


Once again, the following comments will make a lot more sense if you’ve read previous posts. I would recommend starting here and, once the headache has worn off, trying on these spectacles.

And so the conversation continues…
It seems that CK and I agree that Joanna Newsom is best enjoyed in smaller doses. However, our point of departure is what presentation of her music lends itself to small-dose listening. As a consumer of music, I am easily overwhelmed by quantity of songs and album length (as can be found on Newsom’s new release). CK, meanwhile, seems to be overwhelmed by the combination of song length and density of the material (as can be found on Newsom’s 2006 release Ys). Hence, I am more apt to enjoy a 5 song, 55-minute album and he is more apt to enjoy one that is 18 tracks and 2+ hours.

This gal gets a lot of attention here at CKTK.

Furthermore, I wanted to make it clear that nowhere have I critiqued the quality of the material on Have One on Me. My original post was not intended to be an album review but, rather, a platform for discussion about whether or not this album can function as a singular piece of art.

And lastly, one week later, I can say that I’ve fallen in love with Disc 1. I know all 6 of the songs quite well and plan on moving to Disc 2 during a long drive tomorrow…


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