ck’s song of today


We’re Yeasayer-crazy at CKTK right about now. Their sophomore album, Odd Blood, is available for purchase online, and the CD drops into stores on Tuesday, February 9.

My song of today is “O.N.E”, the fantastic second single from Odd Blood. It’s a tribal stomp through broken relationships, space-age sound effects, and a catchy-as-hell chorus. Enjoy.

Download “O.N.E” free from Yeasayer here.


3 Responses to “ck’s song of today”

  1. 1 Andrew

    wow they went pretty mainstream pop after the slow intro… the end almost sounded like an MJ song. I’m not blown away though….

  2. 2 tylersknox

    Yeasayer crazy, Yeasayer crazy, Yeasayer crazy!

    Andrew, I must say (and I’m quite sure Caleb disagrees) that O.N.E. is one of my least favorite songs from the new record. Try out some of the other tracks and see what you think…

    • 3 ck

      I QUITE disagree! There is so much to love, though. Every track is amazing in its own way; there isn’t a disappointment in the bunch.

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