What Isn’t In?


While talking to my roommate and attempting to describe the sound of a Los Angeles-area band called Music Go Music, I said something to the extent of: “They have a late-70’s pop sound with a little disco thrown in.” He responded by stating, quite accurately, “Oh yeah, that’s really popular right now.” Of course, he was referring to the indie scene when making this observation and not necessarily Top 40 Radio.

He’s right, late-70s pop with a touch of disco is trendy right now.

Hercules & Love Affair, disco revivalists

But I started thinking about it some more and realized that knowingly cornball, 50s-inspired pop and roll music is also in.
And so is the 1969 throwback folk-rock. There’s also those Beach Boys-style melodies plucked straight outta 1966. Oh, and don’t forget about the current re-imagining of Motown.
We’ve also got that blatantly 80s pop schlop and, according to Pitchfork, 90s revivalism.

Outside of time-specific trends, Afropop indie seems to be peaking right about now, while lo-fi shoegazer is enjoying a healthy re-emergence. Hell, we’ve even got a neo-tribalism that shows up in the rhythms and vocal chants of certain artists.

Animal Collective and Neo-Tribalism are, to say the least, not antonyms

So, my question for you is this: What isn’t in right now?


3 Responses to “What Isn’t In?”

  1. 1 Andrew

    I can tell you with certainty right now that Kanye West “isn’t in”… I know it’s not helpful or even answering your question really, but it’s true!

  2. 2 Andrew

    Also, the polka, mariachi bands, waltzes, and anything that sounds like the MASH theme song aren’t in…

  3. 3 tylersknox

    I beg to differ about mariachi bands but, then again, I do live in L.A…

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