ck’s top 100 albums of the decade: #10-1


No analysis today; I’m letting the music stand for itself (which, of course, it does). As always, click on any album title to listen on lala.

Read part I here and part II here.

10    The National – Boxer (2007)

9    Taking Back Sunday – Tell All Your Friends (2002)

8    Dirty Projectors – Bitte Orca (2009)

7    Brand New – Deja Entendu (2003)

6    Saves the Day – Stay What You Are (2001)

5    The Postal Service – Give Up (2002)

4    Radiohead – Kid A (2000)

3    Modest Mouse – Good News For People Who Love Bad News (2004)

2    Death Cab for Cutie – Transatlanticism (2003)

1    Sufjan Stevens – Come On, Feel the Illinoise! (2005)


7 Responses to “ck’s top 100 albums of the decade: #10-1”

  1. Just wanted to say I couldn’t agree more with your top picks of the decade!

  2. 2 Haley

    I knew “Illinoise” had to be number one.

    I’m excited to look through your entire list and listen to some artists I haven’t heard before.

  3. 3 B-Melt

    I guess its good if i have 6 of the top 7 albums, and 7 of the top 10. May have to check out these Dirty Projectors everyone keeps talking about.

    So Caleb…i may have missed it in the huge album collection. but any reasons why Death Cab’s “Plans” wasn’t in the top 100? I also think Deas Vail’s “Birds and Cages” should be somewhere in the top 20 😉

    • 4 ck

      Plans is so terribly overrated. It’s a decent album, but after Transatlanticism, it’s a huge, huge disappointment. It’s like Death Cab went to the same “trying too hard” school as The Decemberists did before recording The Hazards of Love. I think the reason people like it so much is that it was their entry point into the DCFC phenomenon.

      I like Plans (and Hazards of Love). I really do. But that being said, it’s maybe a 5.5/10 for me. It has the most cliched, over-the-top lyrics I’ve heard from Death Cab, and the music isn’t good enough to excuse it.

  4. 5 Andrew

    That’s a good list, I haven’t heard a lot of it. It’s funny that your #’s 97 and 98 would be in my top 3. I actually started trying to make a list of just my top 10 albums of the decade on my flight to San Diego in September, but I only listed 4 that would for sure make it. There’s just so much music to choose from…. Maybe I’ll think about it, most of it should be in your top 100 list.

    One complaint I have would be the love given to both of the Girl Talk albums. I understand one or the other being where it is, but there’s not much difference from a listening perspective between the two albums. It’s like putting the same album on the list twice. My opinion at least…

    And some possible notable omissions in the top 100 that I would have included (yes, I did just go through my whole itunes library):
    Okkervil River – The Stage Names (2007)
    Fleet Foxes – s/t (2008)
    Band of Horses – Cease to Begin (2007) (Not a bad song all the way through)
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – s/t (2005)
    Coldplay – Parachutes (2000) (Their best in my opinion)
    Jamie Cullum – Twentysomething (2004)
    Red Hot Chilipeppers – By the Way (2002)
    Dave Matthews Band – Live at Central Park (2003)
    Ambulance Ltd. – s/t (2004)
    Derek Trucks Band – Soul Serenade (2003)
    Eric Clapton – One More Car, One More Rider (2002)
    The Helio Sequence – Keep Your Eyes Ahead (2008) (I love this album…)
    Jason Webley – The Cost of Living (2007)
    Something for Rockets – s/t (2004) (REALLY!?! you left that off?)
    John Mayer – Continuum (2006) (his new album isn’t too promising…)
    John Mayer Trio – Try! (2005)
    Laura Veirs – Saltbreakers (2007)
    Stars – Do You Trust Your Friends? (2007)
    The Most Serene Republic – s/t (2007)
    My Morning Jacket – Z (2005)
    Rodrigo Y Gabriela – s/t (2006)
    Rose Hill Drive – s/t (2006)
    The Slip – Eisenhower (2007)
    Soulive – Next (2002)
    Thom Yorke – The Eraser (2006) (maybe….)
    Wilco – A Ghost is Born (2004)

    Just personal preference obviously, but I’m very surprised that some of those aren’t on your list! And have you listened to Pheonix’ United (2000) recently? That album is awesome! And I know you wanna give some love to the Yes album Magnification (2001)! Just a shout out for notable fun albums that no one has ever heard….

    • 6 ck

      I really do love a lot of the albums you listed. Several of them juuust missed the list, while I just completely whiffed on others.

      These are the ones you listed that I would consider. Some didn’t make it, and others I just forgot about. They’re all certainly notable:
      Fleet Foxes – s/t (2008)
      Band of Horses – Cease to Begin (2007)
      Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – s/t (2005)
      Coldplay – Parachutes (2000)
      Red Hot Chili Peppers – By the Way (2002)
      The Helio Sequence – Keep Your Eyes Ahead (2008)
      Something for Rockets – s/t (2004)
      John Mayer Trio – Try! (2005)
      Laura Veirs – Saltbreakers (2007)
      My Morning Jacket – Z (2005)
      Rodrigo Y Gabriela – s/t (2006)
      The Slip – Eisenhower (2007)
      Thom Yorke – The Eraser (2006)

      And yes, I see what you’re saying about Girl Talk. I love both albums and I listen to them quite a bit. I briefly considered combining them and putting them together on the list, but then I realized that I actually do like Feed The Animals more than Night Ripper for several reasons. The span from 49-43 is pretty small; those seven albums could go in almost any order.

      I would love to see some sort of decade list from you. Maybe in tiers? “Top 5” “Top 15” etc., as far down as you’d care to go. Don’t worry about arranging them perfectly, just put them in a general area.

  5. 7 ducksgps

    What about Ra Ra Riot?

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