Three Songs


If you could only listen to 3 songs during this upcoming week, no more and no less, which ones would you choose? They might be new, might be old, may be long or may be short (ellipse)

I have, by choice, only listened to 3 songs this past week during iPod-enhanced strolls around Los Angeles. No, not as some musical experiment or misinformed dabbling in epistemological luddism, but simply because that’s what my ears have demanded. This may strike some of you who know me better as strange, seeing as I am normally an album guy. I tend to avoid iTunes Shuffle and rarely jump to a specific song on an album that is not the first track.

It could be a reaction to that funny tasting beer I drank on Monday (still having strange dreams about Bayhawk’s CPA) or the short hours of sunlight or something entirely different; for reasons unknown, I have become obsessed with these 3 songs from 3 different artists. I attached videos below so that you can lend an ear but I will not be held responsible for any fetishes that may follow.


3 Responses to “Three Songs”

  1. Cktk

  2. 2 ck

    What a great concept. I’m not sure that I could limit myself to three songs for an entire week, but I could imagine selecting just three songs for transportation purposes.

    Anyway, here’s what I’d go for this week:

    Vampire Weekend – Run / Horchata (yes, I picked up Contra this week. Yes, it’s great and I can’t decide between these two songs.)
    Matisyahu – One Day
    General Larry Platt – Pants On The Ground

    Finally, I don’t think I can get on board with that tUnE-yArDs song. It’s decent, but when he goes into his falsetto toward the end, it just gets annoying.

  3. 3 B-Melt

    haha caleb…. youd really choose pants on the ground

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