ck’s top ten albums of 2005


First, a note about the direction of CKTK. We will be posting our end-0f-the-decade thoughts soon. Also, our top albums of 2009 lists will drop in mid-to-late-December. To lead up to those, we will be posting our top ten albums of the year lists from 2005-2008, sans commentary. We will, of course, link to places online where that commentary is posted if it’s floating out there somewhere. We will also be creating new content, so that the site doesn’t just turn into “Listapalooza 2009”.

These lists will appear unchanged from when we originally wrote them toward the end of each year. This should show you a little bit about what to expect from each author, and hopefully, it will inspire you to go back and listen to some of those great albums that you’ve forgotten from those years.

Without further ado, let’s start it off with ck’s top ten albums of 2005:

  1. Sufjan Stevens – Come On, Feel the Illinoise!
  2. Alkaline Trio – Crimson
  3. Junior Senior – Hey Hey My My Yo Yo
  4. Beck – Guero
  5. Jack Johnson – In Between Dreams
  6. Fall Out Boy – From Under the Cork Tree
  7. The Rocket Summer – Hello Good Friend
  8. The Decemberists – Picaresque
  9. PANIC! at the Disco – A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out
  10. Sigur Ros – Takk

2 Responses to “ck’s top ten albums of 2005”

  1. 1 Jessica

    Aw, nothing for Spoon’s Gimme Fiction? I am admittedly not as knowledgeable about music as you guys are, but Gimme Fiction STILL gives me shivers. “I Summon You” remains my Most Favorite Song Ever.

    • 2 ck

      No, for a couple of reasons. First of all, I’m not a huge fan. It’s not terrible, but it never really hooked me. I’ll have to listen to it again, especially that song that you mentioned.

      Secondly, this is the list as I constructed it in December 2005. I was aware of Spoon at that point, but didn’t really become a fan until Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.

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